Wild Flag – Romance


I’m having a hard time deciding if this video is tired or fresh. It’s tired in that specific elements (being badasses in suburbia, plastic animal masks, and street dice as a symbol of rebellion) are tropes now more than anything else – but the concert footage that really makes this video stand out and feel fresh.

I dunno, I’m not going to try and think to deep about this one, but it is all around good fun and solid rock.


Fresh Guacamole – Animation by PES


Innovator, animator and wannabe chef PES makes a delicious stop-motion meal for Showtime using game pieces and other absurd items. While the final creation is definitely not edible, the process looks colorful and tasty. PES has a great eye for finding happy comparisons between seemingly unrelated objects.

More at http://www.eatpes.com/



Loden is the above ground name of Jolan Koks, a slick producer from Brussels who’s recently been working with the LA rapper Busdriver (known for his mouthful lyrics). Loden released his last solo work in 2010, Buggy, which caught my attention for its power packed opening combo of the tracks “Twerk”, followed by “Rubber Floors Give More Bounce”. Check it out:














Buggy, by Loden (2010) on Mush Records

Floating Graffiti in the Favelas


by Boamistura

Boamistura, a Spanish pop and graffiti artist collective, combines form with function. Their most recent work – creating a series seemly floating words bathed in bright colors – aims to brighten up the dark streets of some of São Paulo’s poorest shanty-towns with their messages of hope. In a big way, work like this literally redefines graffiti. Read more.